The Vietnam Visa Fee can vary greatly depending on the type of Visa as well on the number of intended entries and exits or the length of the stay in Vietnam. The Vietnam Visa Fee also dependent to the type of applying for and the selected agency. The lowest Vietnam Visa Fee is incurred at applying online for a tourist Vietnam Visa on arrival for 2 weeks and single entry. The highest Vietnam Visa Fee is incurred at applying for a Vietnam Visa through a service provider or a travel agent. In the following we provide an overview of the Vietnam Visa Fee that may arise when applying for a Vietnam Visa.
Vietnam Visa Fee in Detail
5.  Comparison Vietnam Visa Fee
Comparison Vietnam Visa Fee on example – Tourist Vietnam Visa for single entry up to 30 days stay

on Example: Tourist Vietnam Visa for single entry and up to 30 days stay
Vietnam Visa in Advance        Vietnam Visa upon Arrival      
at Vietnamese Missions Abroad
(e.g. Embassy, Consulate in Germany)
by Vietnamese Immigration Authority
(Ministry of Public Security Vietnam)
Visa no Reference Visa with Reference Visa Online Visa Approval
75.00 € 45.00 € 68.00 € 09.00 €
postal fees ca. 08.00 €
Reference 15.00 €
postal fees ca. 08.00 €
no surcharge
Visa fees 45.00 USD
total ca. 83.00 € total ca. 68.00 € total 68.00 € total ca. 51.00 €
6.  Vietnam Visa Cost – Vietnam – Visa – Online – fast – safe – favorable
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  • Save up to over 35,- EURO per Visa compared with a Visa of the Vietnamese Embassy in Germany.

Full-fledged Visa to Vietnam***, without any limitation! Validity such a Visa from the Vietnamese Embassy!
Available on international Airports in Vietnam as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City as well Da Nang and Nha Trang!
In cases of confirmed application, we guarantee your entry into Vietnam as well the transport through your airline!
* We guarantee the entry into Vietnam as well the transport through your airline in cases of confirmed application.
** The cost of as of 7 EURO includes only our processing fees. Are added the fees for issuing Visas in the amount of 45, – USD (single entry), 65, – USD (multiple entry to 29 days), and 95, – USD (multiple entry to 90 days) which shall be payable to the Vietnamese Immigration Authorities at the destination airport in Vietnam.
*** You will get after booking and paying an official Approval about the receipt of Visa upon Arrival from the Vietnamese Immigration Department which is required at check in on the airport of departure. The Vietnam Visa will be issued upon arrival in Vietnam at the airport.