A Business Visa Vietnam (Vietnam Work Visa) will issued since January 2015 only under more difficult conditions. The Business Visa Vietnam is reserved for businessmen and labor force who are indispensable for the Vietnamese Economy. The Vietnamese business partner or employer of the applicant has to request a Reference (Visa Approval Number) at the Immigration Department of the Vietnamese Ministry of Internal Security to obtain a Business Visa Vietnam (Vietnam Work Wisa). Therefor the proof of indispensable nature must be supplied. The Vietnamese Missions Abroad are issuing the Business Visa Vietnam (Vietnam Work Visa ) after the presentation of this Reference. Who just goes to Vietnam for contracts or business meetings can apply for a Tourist Visa. This not entitled to work commercial or social for a Vietnamese company.
Application options and cost Vietnam Tourist Visa for business purpose:

on example – Vietnam Tourist Visa for single entry up to 30 days stay

Visa Vietnam in Advance        Visa Vietnam upon Arrival      
at Vietnamese Missions Abroad
(e.g. Embassy, Consulate in Germany)
by Vietnamese Immigration Authority
(Ministry of Public Security Vietnam)
Visa no Reference Visa with Reference Visa Online Visa Approval
75.00 € 45.00 € 68.00 € 09.00 €
Porto ca. 08.00 €
Reference 15.00 €
Porto ca. 08.00 €
no extra
Visa Fees 45.00 USD
total ca. 83.00 € total ca. 68.00 € total 68.00 € total ca. 51.00 €
overview Vietnam Business Visa cost with Reference
kind of  Business Visa Vietnam Visa Fees at Vietnam Embassy in Berlin 
Vietnam Visa up to 30 days stay and single entry: 148,- EURO per Person and Visa
Vietnam Visa up to 90 days stay and single entry: 165,- EURO per Person and Visa
Vietnam Visa up to 30 days stay and multiple entries: 158,- EURO per Person and Visa
Vietnam Visa up to 90 days stay and multiple entries: 180,- EURO per Person and Visa
Vietnam Visa up to 270 days stay and multiple entries: 100,- EURO per Person and Visa
Processing time within about 10 working days, plus postal delivery times all Visa Fees plus incidental costs
(postal fees or driving costs)
Processed within 1-3 working days plus postal delivery times  + 25,- up to 27,- EURO per Visa